Services for Organizations

Third Key Solutions provides key consulting, management, and non-custodial storage solutions to organizations worldwide. We work with clients to design and test asset protection plans, internal corporate governance plans, and disaster recovery plans. Our solutions are technology agnostic. Third Key Solutions will work with you to design the internal processes, such as key compromise policies, to complement your technology choices.

Security Policy and Process Builder

If your organization is holding digital currencies or cryptographically secured assets, or using them in operations, you should, at minimum, have written security procedures in place for large withdrawals that require human intervention and oversight, a written and tested key compromise policy, and a disaster recovery plan.  These plans must be tested, in real-world scenarios, in order to ensure people within your organization understand them and will adhere to them during crisis.

Third Key Solutions will work with you to build and test these policies and processes to protect your cryptocurrencies and tokens, your business operations, your employees, your clients, your livelihood. We will work with your current technology choices and work with your team to design a custom plan that makes sense for your specific operations, team, and risk profile.

Cost: $5000.00  – $25,000.00 payable in BTC, ETH or another agreed cryptocurrency. Payment in USD incurs an additional 20% “dealing with banks” fee.

Here is a simple checklist to get started: Organizational Recovery Guidelines