Services for Individuals

If the rise in price of bitcoin, ether, or any other cryptoasset has made you second guess your security practices, you’re not alone. Most people know they should be protecting these assets much better than they do. They know they should be doing something more – but they’re not quite sure what to do and all the conflicting advice on reddit, twitter, and the forums has left them paralyzed. They do nothing. That’s where we come in.

Third Key Solutions can help you improve the security of your cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets. While we deliver talks around the world, teaching people how to better secure these assets, many people watch the talks and don’t actually do anything to improve their security. Why? Because a public talk to a general audience can’t address your specific questions and your unique circumstances. But what if you could hire us to help you improve your security? You can!  With your input, we’ll create a security plan that works for you and your family, one that you can actually understand and use. One that doesn’t take a 30 page whitepaper to explain. One that reflects your unique circumstances, securing your assets, your family, your plans for the future, and your wishes. You’ll learn a bit about security, risks, and most importantly, you’ll be more confident in the security of your crypto-holdings.

We offer the following services for individuals (described below in detail):

  • Security Improvement Plan (SIP): practical steps to improve the security of your crypto-holdings.
  • On-Call Implementation Help: we’re there to help you step-by-step while you turn your plan into a reality.
  • Annual Maintenance: catching up once a year to review and refresh your plan and adjust for changes in technology or your circumstances.
  • Estate Planning-technical only: adding an inheritance component to your SIP from a technical perspective.
  • Estate Planning-technical & legal: working with your lawyer to coordinate the technical and legal aspects of your plan.
  • Executor Consultant: we can be named as a consultant to assist your executor in executing your estate plan.

Security Improvement Plan

Our Security Improvement Plan is customized security advice for you and your unique situation. It’s delivered in three simple steps:

Step 1: Confidential 30 minute consultation. During this step, we discuss your current security plan, technology you’re currently using, what you like about it, what you don’t, what you hope to achieve, and any specifics relating to special circumstances you choose to disclose.

Step 2: Within 2-3 weeks, we will provide you with a written report that outlines a security improvement plan. This plan includes specific recommendations on how to improve your security, a step-by-step guide to help you implement your new security plan, and an analysis of the risks and costs involved in implementing the plan. Many improvements are free or very low cost to implement, most plans require less than a $200.00 USD investment in software/hardware/other products to implement all recommendations.

Step 3: Confidential 30 minute preparation call. In addition to answering questions via email, we like to have a follow up consultation to make sure all of your questions are answered. This is scheduled 1-2 weeks after you receive your report and is intended to be held just before you implement and test your new plan.

Cost: $2500.00 USD, payable up front in BTC, ETH or another cryptocurrency as agreed.

If you’re tired of wondering if your assets are secure, or what will happen to them if you lose your phone, if your laptop dies, or if something happens to you, contact us about designing a Security Improvement Plan for you.

Optional Add-on Services, priced by complexity:

On-Call Implementation

With this service, we will be on-call when you’re testing and implementing your plan to answer questions and guide you through it step-by-step. Pricing is determined by the complexity of your plan and the time required for implementation.

Annual Plan Maintenance

Our maintenance service is designed to make sure your plan is updated at least annually, to reflect changes in your life, circumstances, and the technology. Each year you’ll receive a reminder to review and update your plan. You’ll locate your backups and review your estate plan if you have one. If needed, we’ll schedule a 15 minute consultation, at no additional charge, to make sure you’re ready to update your plan.

Cost: $150.00 per year.

Estate Planning-technical

Since you’re already improving your security, it’s a good time to consider inheritance and estate planning. If you value these assets enough to protect them with a written plan, you probably want to make sure your heirs can inherit them if something happens to you. With this add-on service, we’ll add a section to your SIP on the technical aspects of inheritance and estate planning  to ensure your heirs will be able to access your holdings. Cost: $500 – $1500.00 depending on complexity.

Estate Planning-technical & legal

Technical estate plans are not enough. Without legal planning, it’s possible to create a situation where your heirs will be fighting and end up in court (no one wants that). We can work with your local estate planning lawyer to coordinate the technical and legal aspects of estate planning for your cryptocurrencies and tokens. If you really want to do estate planning right, you need the legal side too. If you don’t have a lawyer, we can help you find one. Pricing is determined on a time basis starting at $750.

Executor Consultant

With this service, we are named as a consultant to assist your executor in executing your estate plan. This is an ongoing engagement, where we work with you to ensure your plan is kept up-to-date and when the time comes we will work with the executor of your estate or the probate court to help them understand what you have, including coin splits, what the value is, and we will oversee transfers and liquidations to ensure they are done properly and according to your wishes. We’ll create security plans for your heirs to ensure their inheritance is protected and provide the necessary training to enable them to hold cryptocurrencies and assets, if they wish to do so. We’ll do our best to be your voice when you can’t be there. Pricing is based on an hourly rate and determined on complexity.

Estate Planning Services

Estate planning for bitcoin and other cryptoassets requires a two-tier approach, both tiers are equally important. From a technology perspective, there are two main issues – access and theft. Can your heirs actually access access your keys (but only after you pass and not before)? Do they have the information they will need in order to access these assets? Do they have the technical know-how? Will they have to ask a “friend” to help them? Would they know if the friend stole some or all of the assets? From a legal perspective, there are two main issues – people and grief. Often grief brings out the worst in people and although we like to think our heirs will respect our wishes, the neverending stream of court cases challenging wills and distributions proves otherwise. In order to minimize the risk of your heirs fighting over the value of your cryptoassets in court, you need to know what the law is in your jurisdiction. With this service, we’re looking at answering questions like – are the people who received your keys or received a transfer of your assets legally entitled to them? Are others in the family entitled to an equal share, by law? Is your technical transfer likely to cause a war or rift within the family? Or worse, lawsuits? What about taxes?

Third Key Solutions works with clients to tackle the technology issues surrounding estate planning. Our CEO, Pamela Morgan, through her law firm Empowered Law PLLC,  provides training and guidance to estate planning lawyers to help them successfully distribute these assets according to your wishes.


Cryptocurrency Inventory: download this inventory sheet to begin building your estate plan. It’s quick, easy and could make a real difference to your family. Details about how to use the template can be found in the corresponding article:

Letter to Loved Ones: use this template to provide a roadmap for your heirs to inherit your cryptocurrencies.

Estate planning is much easier than you might imagine, particularly if you engage professionals to help you through the process. Here’s an article outlining steps to get started: If you’d like our help, please contact us to schedule a consultation.